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Hospital Table

We offer here a wide variety of hospital table that can be used in hospitals and medical institutions. The tables are completely safe and have been designed by keeping in mind the comfort of the patients. Also the tables here include the OT table that can be equipped with various instruments and is compatible with the operation theatres; we also have the examination table that is used for general examinations of the patients. The Hospital table is of various  kinds and is a necessity of every hospital and medical centers, they are required for the patients to rest and for the doctors to take care of them and to examine the patients, the table fulfills various purposes hence is a must buy.

Fowler bed deluxe

C Arm Compatible OT Table

C Arm Compatible Electric OT Table

Examination Table


OT Table

Hospital OT Table

Product Details:
  • Five section table top gives ease for various surgical positions
  • Base & coloumn cover are covered with 304G stainless steel to ensure high durability & hygiene for the operation room
  • Leg section & Head section interchangeable
  • Radio-translucent top provides easy convenience for x-ray procedures
  • Interchangeable Head and Leg section
Mechanical Movement :
  • Flex-Reflex
  • Lateral tilt
  • Trendlenburg /Reverse Trendlenburg
  • Leg rest
  • Head rest
  • Kidney bridge
  • Floor lock
  • Hi-Lo
Standard Accessories :

A)Five section mattress :- 1 set
B)Anesthetist Screen :- 1 PCS
C)Padded Lateral Support :- 2 PCS
D)Padded Lateral Support :- 2 PCS
E)Padded Lithotomy crutches :- 2 PCS
F)Padded Arm rest :- 2 PCS
G)Drive handle :- 1 PCS
G)Drive handle :- 1 PCS


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