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Hospital Chairs

We are here offering the various types if hospital chairs and stools that are required for the comfortable sitting and examination in the hospitals. The chairs are necessary for comfortable sitting and relaxing, and in the hospital the chairs are used for many purposes, they are used in waiting areas, examination rooms and various departments of hospitals. The various departments are there in the hospitals and each of them needs a different and unique chair, so here we are fulfilling that need. Not only hospital chairs we also have stools that are needed for the general check up and sitting of patients. Not only for the patients we have chairs for the doctors also, including the revolving chair.

Waiting Area Chair

Made of stainless steel, offered 3 seater waiting area chairs serve as comfortable seating option for relatives and other acquaintances of patient.  Widely used in hospitals and other commercial structures, these chairs come with chrome plated or powder coated surface to resist corrosion and wear. These chairs have comfortable backrest and armrest sections for the convenience of users. Surface of these chairs is completely stain and dirt protected to maintain hygiene standard of hospitals. Silver in color, these chairs have durable legs to bear necessary load of users.


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Gynaecological Chair

Doctor Revolving Chair

Doctor Revolving Chair

This stainless steel made doctor revolving chair comes in armless design. Black in color, this chair has foam filled leather cover to provide user excellent cushioning effect. Special design of this revolving chair maintains right posture of medical personnel especially during long working hour. Its castor or swiveling wheels based base design enables doctors to shift position easily within cabin. Height of this doctor revolving chair can be adjusted as per users convenience. This rotatable hospital chair is highly durable.



Folding Wheel Chair

 Folding Wheel Chair

This stainless steel made folding wheel chair has been specially developed for elderly persons and also for patients with limited mobility. Notable for its application specific design, this wheelchair is available in 625 x 450 x 475 mm size. For its manual push and pull functions, ergonomic handles have been incorporated into its design. Made of nylon and stainless steel, this flexible folding wheel chair comes with fixed type armrest, adjustable footrest and durable caster wheels. Nose free movement and utmost flexibility are some of the key aspects of this hospital chair.



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