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Hospital Bed

The hospital requires bed for their patients to rest and to examine them thoroughly, we are here providing thyem a variety of beds that will help them in doing so. A hospital has many functional departments that require staff and furniture, The beds are an important piece of furniture that are of many types, like the ICU bed that is used in ICU, fowler bed that is used for back and leg rest of the patient. So here we are providing the different hospital Bed that will help the hospital in functioning effectively. The Bed offered are completely safe and comfortable, they are safe and can be used for a long time.

plain bed

  • Perforated CRC Sheet duly machine press bent
  • MS Powder coated tubular head & foot bows of unequal height
  • Provision of telescopic IV rod with 4 locations

Attended Bed

We have attended bed with mattress that can be used for examining the patients and for their rest. The bed comes with a mattress that is comfortable, long lasting and will provide complete rest to the patients. The bed can be used in general ward and in examination room. It is rectangular bed that is easy to move as it is very light weight; the attended bed is strong and durable. The bed has high weight density, and is made with high quality metal, it is safe for hospital use and is compact in size.

We have marked a distinct position in the market by providing high quality Hospital Attendant Bed. 



The ICU bed offered by us is useful in hospitals, and other centers and institutions providing medical care and support. The Bed is extensively designed for ICU facilities, we all know the patients in the Icu require special acre and facilities, this bed is designed to give them the complete rest and can be used with other equipments and monitors etc. The ICU Bed is designed in a way that it gives the complete body rest to the patients from the head to the legs, hence is made for providing the complete rest.

Hospital Bed

  • Four Pieces individual ABS side rails.
  • ABS Moulded Head and Foot panel with locking and corner buffer.
  • Frame work made of Rectangular M.S. Tube
  • 4 section top made up of perforated CRCA MS Sheet.
  • Bed Mounted on 5" Dia Castor. 2 with brakes.
  • S.S. Telescopic IV Rod with 4 Locations
  • Overall Approx Size: 2090L x 910W x 460-700H MM.
  • Finish: Pre treated & Epoxy Powder Coated

Positions obtained by Smooth Crank System with foldable handles:

  • Hi-Low
  • Backrest
  • Kneerest
  • Trendlenburg / Reverse trendlenburg

Labor Delivery Bed

Labour Delivery Bed

Product Details:
  • Overall Size: 1981mm x 965 mm / 78 x 38 (L x W) (Bed when fully extended)
  • Mattress Platform: 1880 mm x 660 mm / 74 x 26(L x W)
  • Three section top made of laminated board
  • Trendlenburg / Reverse trendelenburg adjustments through crank mechanism
  • Height Adjustment through high quality hydraulic pump
  • Leg section can be telescoped under backrest for lithotomic positions
  • Easily removable ABS moulded head boards
  • Split away type ABS moduled safety side rail on each side can be easy lowered to aid in both routine and emergency nursing tasks
  • Stainless Steel bearing down supports with hand grip
  • A pair of upholstered lithotomic crutches mounted on stainless steel rods
  • 125 MM Central locking castors
  • Stainless Steel telescopic I.V. pole
  • Stainless Steel Tray
  • Three Section mattress
  • All mild steel parts are pre-treated and powder coated finish

ICU Collapsible Railing Bed

Fowler Bed

Hospital Fowler Bed

We offer high quality fowler bed that is used in hospitals and medical institutions. The bed has specifically been designed for leg and back rest. The bed has a unique design that is specially given to it, for use by the patients suffering from the back and leg issues. The bed is extremely comfortable and is made of high quality material for long service life. It is made for use in general ward and can be used for examining the patients. The fowler bed has been best choice for complete back rest, the bed is needed in every hospital.

Hospital General Bed

Hospital General Bed
  • Frame work made of Rectangular / Square M.S. Tube
  • Top made of perforated CRCA MS sheet.
  • Tubular Head & Foot Bows.
  • Location for Four I.V. Rod.
  • Overall Size: 206L x 90W x 60H cms.
  • Finish: Epoxy Powder Coated.

Semi Fowler Bed

Semi Fowler Bed
  • Frame work made of Rectangular M.S. Tube
  • 2 Section Top made of perforated M.S. Sheet.
  • Back Rest Section, manoeuvred by Screw Handle from Foot End
  • ABS Head & Foot Panels.
  • Location for Four I.V. Rod.
  • Overall Size: 206L x 90W x 60H cms.
  • Finish: Epoxy Powder Coated.

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